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Magnet & Ear seeds

Magnet treatment & Ear seeds

Magnet treatment:

We offer painless magnet and magnet Gauss treatment.

The most common method of magnet therapy is to give stimulation, such as attaching a magnet to a part or painful area of the body.

Magnet therapy can relieve pain and inflammation by relieving congestion in various parts of the body and improving blood circulation.

When a magnet is placed on the body, the activity of iron, which binds oxygen and nutrients in the body, transports them to each tissue and transports waste products, can be evoked and induced.

Patients may get long term effective result from this treatment with three to five days using magnet.


Ear seeds:
Auriculotherapy, or ear acupuncture was discovered and developed by Dr. Paul NOGIER in 1950. Ear seeds are a type of auriculotherapy, where small seeds are used to stimulate pressure points in your ear.

Every point on the ear corresponds to a different part of the body and stimulating each point ear seed may help with a variety of health conditions.

Like magnets, it can be left for up to five days for ongoing stimulation.


We use magnet / ear seed treatment in combination with other modalities to bring about desired outcomes.

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