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ICT (Interferential Therapy)

Interferential current therapy, known as ICT or IFC, is an electrotherapy widely used in physiotherapy & acupuncture clinics. It is used to contract and relax muscles, decreasing muscle tension, decrease swelling and inflammation, increase blood flow, relieve pain and accelerate the self-healing process.

ICT is effective in treating specific, deep, or wide areas. It is also possible to treat areas with reduced sensation and metal implants. We use ICT in combination with other modalities to bring about desired outcomes.


How it works

In ICT, two or more different medium-frequency currents are cross-energized, generating a new low-frequency current (interfering wave ICT) at the interference (crossing) point.

Lower frequency currents generated in this way are thought to produce stronger effects with less discomfort. This approach allows a higher frequency current to be applied to the skin to overcome skin resistance with a lower frequency current created in the underlying tissue.

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